Veteran Initiatives

We support the veteran community through direct hiring and training of military veterans.

We achieve ‘Assistance with Scale’  by also supporting veteran-focused charitable organizations that are positioned, with scale, to impact lives in the veteran community.

Health & Wellness

Veterans and their families often face challenges during the veteran’s adjustment from a military to a civilian lifestyle. These organizations are expert in marshalling the resources to support a life of passion and purpose at home.

BCR for Military Veteran Wellness Logo 181211
Our nation's first permanent and private rural retreat for wounded US military veterans and their families, providing free, world class, short-duration, high-impact retreats for combat veterans and their families.

Career Transition

Military veterans bring a unique skill set to the business workplace. But, often there is a cultural gap to overcome. We support organizations that help veterans transition their very unique skill set to the civilian sector.

H2H NY 180531
NY Helmets to Hardhats is a 501c3 initiative to assist transitioning military members begin careers in the NY Building Trades Unions and Affiliated Employers.