Advanced Solutions
HonorTrade℠ – An Advanced Trading Solution and Designed-by-Client Algorithmic Toolset

Designed-by-Client Algorithms

HonorTrade℠ is an Advanced Trading Solution and a Financial Information Exchange (FIX) hub.

Within the HonorTrade℠ suite is BattleStation℠ – a toolset granting clients the power to design and implement their own unique customized algorithms.

  • “White-labeling” of Sell-side Algos is Hereby Obsolete
  • Algo Design Control is Retained by the Buy-side
  • Order & Child Order Information Leakage is Zero

Buy-side Empowerment

Control stays with the client remaining at all times upstream to the sell-side.

We act in an unconflicted agency capacity, always in the interest and on the side of the client, guarding anonymity, and ushering orderflow directly to the marketplace.

Secrecy of client trades and intentions is fiercely guarded. We are an ally and partner in all phases of trading workflow.

Never will client orderflow be exposed to third-parties, proprietary desks, internalizers, nor will orderflow be “shopped.”

  • Zero impact on established buy-side workflow – customized algos are dropped into all major Order Management Systems (OMSs)
  • “BattleStation℠” is the customizable toolset of 50+ algo toggles – child order instructions are near infinite
  • Randomization may be applied across a variety of toggles
  • Dynamic adjustment of route selection, order size, and inter-spread child order placement – adjustable during implementation
  • Dynamic participation scaling and aggression adjustment – adjustable during implementation
  • Full client control of child order routing to chosen and specified liquidity venues
  • Optimization of liquidity pool selection relative to a continuum of preferences – from low cost of liquidity, to cost-agnostic “best execution” performance

Unparalleled Transparency and Auditing

Intra-trade Analytics tracks and details order performance metrics versus a variety of benchmarks.

HonorAudit℠ provides Post-trade Analytics cataloguing every single child order, whether executed or not. Captured parameters include destination liquidity venue routing, time of exposure, contemporaneous National Best Bid Best Offer (NBBO), and available size displayed at the NBBO.

Venue Analysis Reporting records and maps the landscape of liquidity during a specified time period across all destination liquidity venues, lit and dark.

Regain control of your buy-side orderflow. Contact us to learn more.