24/5 Access
The Same, and Familiar, U.S. Day-time Trading Experience - But at Night

Gain access to the first fully electronic marketplace for U.S. exchange listed securities, in the U.S. trading ecosystem, during hours when the traditional day-time U.S. markets are closed.

We debut our offering of institutional access to a new, independent, fully electronic, U.S. based liquidity pool – the first of its kind.

  • The electronic trading experience is exactly the same as during the U.S. day-time
  • Anonymously trade select U.S. listed securities outside of regular market hours, Sunday to Thursday 8:00pm EST to 4:00am EST
  • Full visibility of Best Bid, Best Offer, and Depth of Book is available
  • Price-discovery and liquidity in U.S. securities at hours never before available on-shore in the U.S. trading ecosystem
  • Trade concurrent with open overseas markets and the trading of international ETF components
  • Transact by using existing “pipes” and processes – Order Management Systems, networks, and routes
  • Clearing and Settlement is the standard T+2 and in $US Dollar, exactly as during the U.S. day-time

We fill the 8 hour “off-market-hours” gap, finally enabling trading 24 hours / 5 days a week.

It is now finally possible to manage risk in the gap during U.S. off-market hours. Capitalize on opportunities arising from overnight news or global market developments.

Why wait until the sun rises in New York?

Gain access to the marketplace via our agency broker-dealer services. Contact us to learn more.