March 4, 2024 – Roberts & Ryan’s New York Stock Exchange Floor Broker Debut

NYSE and Roberts and Ryan logos
Key Advantages of NYSE Broker Collaboration


  • Orders received through NYSE floor brokers receive parity on the order book.
    • In contrast, orders entered through an automated system will be “at the end of the line” in the order queue.


  • “Discretionary quotes” provide investors with the flexibility to enter, change, or cancel an order with a NYSE floor broker up until 3:59:50 PM for the closing trade.
    • The deadline for Market-On-Close orders is 3:50:00.
  • D-Quotes provide a useful tool for participation on the closing trade.


  • Trade through Roberts & Ryan and no one will know where the order originated.

Point of Sale

  • Price Discovery – Be a part of the price discovery conversation.
  • Volume (%) Participation – Real time information to help with % orders for opening and closing trades.
  • Opening – Real-time conversations with NYSE DMMs for opening price and volume.
  • Closing – Real-Time information on closing price range and volume.
  • Regulatory Halts – Have a broker at the point of sale for price/volume dissemination.

Corporate Repurchase

  • Ability to mitigate downside for closing trade during a liquidity event (Safe Harbor Rules).


  • High-Touch and Low-Touch capabilities with a full suite of algorithmic options.

To learn more about working directly with a NYSE Floor Broker contact us directly.

Email: NYSE@roberts-ryan.comPhone: Jason Hardzewicz at 646.542.0034.

Roberts & Ryan Inc. Joins NYSE and Welcomes the Mark J. Muller Equities Team to Strengthen Its Equity Trading Operations

NEWS RELEASE BY Roberts & Ryan, Inc. | New York, NY | March 04, 2024 07:30 AM, Eastern

Roberts & Ryan Inc., a Veteran Owned broker-dealer, is delighted to announce it has been approved for membership by the New York Stock Exchange and began operating today on the iconic NYSE trading floor. In conjunction with this milestone, the firm proudly introduces the esteemed Mark J. Muller Equities trading team to its floor operation. Comprising seasoned professionals including Mark Muller and Robert Moran, the team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Roberts & Ryan Inc.

The addition of the Mark J. Muller Equities trading team to the firm’s already robust equity trading platform serves to fortify Roberts & Ryan’s capabilities, reinforcing the company’s commitment to anticipating and addressing client needs and concerns. Membership at the NYSE will empower the firm to harness broader liquidity pools, achieve parity in situational trading, and access real-time insights from point-of-sale access. These synergies, combined with Roberts & Ryan’s existing institutional trading operation, will enhance the company’s ability to serve equity clients effectively. Additionally, Roberts & Ryan will be well-positioned to assist clients during key price discovery events on the NYSE Floor, such as IPOs and secondary offerings.

Founded on the core value of prioritizing competence, Roberts & Ryan Inc. places client satisfaction at the forefront of its operations. As a Veteran-Owned firm with the requisite certifications to fulfill all DEI mandates and set-asides, the company is dedicated to its social mission. A portion of all commission dollars earned is donated to foundations supporting Veterans and other deserving charities. Since 2018, this initiative has generated over $1.8 million in charitable contributions, benefiting more than 800 Veterans and their families. The combination of competency, diversity, and charity has enabled Roberts & Ryan Inc. to make a meaningful impact in the community.

NYSE ribbon cutton with Mark Muller and Ed D’Alessandro

When asked to share his thoughts, Mark Muller, Managing Director of Roberts & Ryan’s NYSE Floor Operations, remarked, “The Muller team is excited to be part of the Roberts & Ryan family, a firm that not only provides great service to its clients, but also supports our nation’s Veterans and disadvantaged young adults. With our shared vision and commitment to excellence, we will continue to provide value-added executions from the floor of the NYSE.”

“With these strategic developments, Roberts & Ryan is poised to deliver enhanced services and value to our clients while upholding our commitment to excellence, integrity, and social responsibility,” said Edward D’Alessandro, Chief Executive Officer of Roberts & Ryan, Inc.