Supporting Organizations That Benefit Our Nation’s Veterans:
Robert Irvine Foundation – iBOTs, Boulder Crest Foundation – Post Traumatic Growth, Children of Fallen Patriots – Scholarships.

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Roberts & Ryan and Allspring Global Investment Partnership
Roberts & Ryan's Share Classes

Allspring’s Roberts & Ryan share classes empower corporate Treasurers to manage their liquidity while also supporting Our Nation’s Veterans through our social mission. Roberts & Ryan has share classes in Allspring’s Government Money Market Fund, 100% Treasury Money Market Fund, and Treasury Plus Money Market Fund.

The Roberts & Ryan Share classes offer the advantages of socially responsible investing along with exceptional fund management. They are designed to maximize returns and provide same day liquidity while maintaining a stable $1.00 per share net asset value (“NAV”). Investing in Roberts & Ryan share classes allows corporate treasuries and plan sponsors to do well while doing good.

  • Produce competitive yields and preserve capital while maintaining maximum liquidity with same-day settlement
  • Provide a cash management solution for temporary or medium-term cash investments and seasonal operating cash
  • Further your corporate Diversity & Inclusion (DNI) Goals
  • Afford T+0 Settlement – Inbound & Outbound
  • Support the Veteran community through Roberts & Ryan’s Social Mission

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Our Social Mission: in partnership with you supporting veterans.
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Our nonprofit partners: Fisher House, Robert Irvine Foundation, Boulder Crest Foundation, Children of Fallen Patriots, Navy SEAL Foundation
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Roberts & Ryan Allspring Government Money Market

Ticker: RNRXX
CUSIP: 94988V191


Roberts & Ryan Allspring Treasury Plus Money Market

Ticker: RRTXX
CUSIP: 94988V183


Roberts & Ryan Allspring 100% Treasury Money Market

Ticker: RRAXX
CUSIP: 94988V183


*AUM as of 10/17/2023