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Key Advantages of NYSE Broker Collaboration


  • Orders received through NYSE floor brokers receive parity on the order book.
    • In contrast, orders entered through an automated system will be “at the end of the line” in the order queue.


  • “Discretionary quotes” provide investors with the flexibility to enter, change, or cancel an order with a NYSE floor broker up until 3:59:50 PM for the closing trade.
    • The deadline for Market-On-Close orders is 3:50:00.
  • D-Quotes provide a useful tool for participation on the closing trade.


  • Trade through Roberts & Ryan and no one will know where the order originated.

Point of Sale

  • Price Discovery – Be a part of the price discovery conversation.
  • Volume (%) Participation – Real time information to help with % orders for opening and closing trades.
  • Opening – Real-time conversations with NYSE DMMs for opening price and volume.
  • Closing – Real-Time information on closing price range and volume.
  • Regulatory Halts – Have a broker at the point of sale for price/volume dissemination.

Corporate Repurchase

  • Ability to mitigate downside for closing trade during a liquidity event (Safe Harbor Rules).


  • High-Touch and Low-Touch capabilities with a full suite of algorithmic options.

To learn more about working directly with a NYSE Floor Broker contact us directly.

Email: NYSE@roberts-ryan.comPhone: Jason Hardzewicz at 646.542.0034.