Roberts & Ryan is majority led, and staffed, by military service veterans.

The Roberts & Ryan team is comprised of seasoned financial industry professionals with an average Wall Street experience of over 25 years.

Regardless of their backgrounds, our Veterans – Executive Staff, Advisory Board, and Team Members – share the common bond of service to the nation during times of conflict and peace. Each of our staff members, whether Veteran or Citizen Patriot, possesses the ethos of service – to our clients and to Our Nation’s Veterans.

Executive Staff
Expertise: Credit Trading & Capital Markets. 26 years experience.

Edward D’Alessandro
Chief Executive Officer

Expertise: Asset management. 25 years experience.

Brian Rathjen

Expertise: Finance & Accounting. 35+ years experience.

Kevin McGowan
Finance & Accounting

Expertise: Finance, Marketing and Operations. 22 years experience.

Sadie Millard
Chief Administrative Officer

Expertise: Equity Trading & Sales, Corporate Business Development, Capital Markets. 25 years experience.

James McDevitt
Equities Sales & Trading, Capital Markets

Expertise: Regulatory and Securities Law. 20+ years experience.

Kenneth Merlo
Chief Compliance Officer and Legal Counsel

Team Members
Expertise: Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, Investments. 12 years experience.

Brendan Canty

Expertise: Operations & Business Development. 15+ years experience.

Laura Chan
Vice President

Expertise: Equity Back Office Operations. 20 years experience.

Kenneth Christiansen
Vice President, Operations

Expertise: Corporate Business Development, Capital Markets, Equity Trading & Sales. 20+ years experience.

Pete Clarke
Senior Director

Expertise: Equity Trading. 25+ years experience.

Andrew Darcy
Managing Director

Expertise: Business Development, Sales, Consultant Relations, Financial Analysis. 15+ years experience.

Michael C. Del Priore

Expertise: Investment Banking & Capital Markets. 35+ years experience.

Mark A. DeVito
Managing Director

Expertise: Debt Capital Markets. 35 years experience.

Robert Gelnaw
Managing Director

Expertise: Fixed Income Sales and Trading. 20+ years experience.

Christopher Hannon
Managing Director

Expertise: Corporate Business Development, Capital Markets, Equity Trading & Sales. 25 years experience.

Jason Hardzewicz
Senior Director

Expertise: Equity Trading. 30 years experience.

Mario Lagana
Senior Director

Expertise: Asset management. 20+ years experience.

Daniel Ledva
Senior Managing Director

Expertise: Equity Trading. 15+ years experience.

Sang Nguyen, Ph.D.
Vice President

Expertise: Investments, Brokerage, Marketing, Pensions, Financial Management. 25+ years experience.

Dean J. Niedospial
Senior Director

Expertise: Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Strategic Planning and Asset Management. 45+ years experience.

Thomas O’Neill
Senior Managing Director

Expertise: Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Strategic Planning and Asset Management. 40+ years experience.

Joseph Oricoli
Senior Managing Director

Expertise: Taxable Fixed Income Investments, ABS & MBS Derivatives & Exotics & Electronic Platform Development. 20 years experience.

Joe Pecoraro
Senior Director

Expertise: Equity Sales & Trading. 25+ years experience.

Edward Reid
Senior Director

Expertise: Leadership. 40+ years experience.

Major General Austin Renforth (Ret.)
Senior Advisor

Expertise: Equity Trading. 30+ years experience.

Andrew T. Reynolds
Senior Director

Expertise: Equity Trading & Compliance. 25+ years experience.

Brian Scala
Managing Director