Roberts & Ryan is majority led, and staffed, by military service veterans.

The team is comprised of seasoned financial industry professionals with an average Wall Street experience of over 25 years.

Regardless of their backgrounds, our veterans – Executive Staff, Advisory Board, and Team Members – share the common bond of service to the nation during times of conflict and peace. Each of our staff members, whether veteran or citizen-patriot, possesses the ethos of service – service to clients and service to our nation’s veterans of the American Profession of Arms.

Executive Staff
Expertise: Management, Operations, and Pensions. 10 years experience.

James Niemie
Chief Executive Officer

Expertise: Asset management. 25 years experience.

Brian Rathjen

Expertise: Credit Trading & Capital Markets. 26 years experience.

Edward D’Alessandro
Chief Operating Officer

Expertise: Finance, Marketing and Operations. 22 years experience.

Sadie Millard
Chief Administrative Officer

Expertise: Asset management. 20 years experience.

Daniel Ledva
Chief Compliance Officer

Expertise: Regulatory and Securities Law. 20 years experience.

Kenneth Merlo
Chief Legal Counsel

Team Members
Expertise: Equity Block Program and Algorithmic Trading. 23 years experience.

Alex Bonello
Managing Director

Expertise: Institutional Sales. 9 years experience.

Brendan Canty

Expertise: Finance, Sales and Operations. 10 years experience.

Ruthzar Casseus
Vice President

Expertise: Operations & Business Development. 14 years experience.

Laura Chan
Vice President

Expertise: Equity Back Office Operations. 20 years experience.

Kenneth Christiansen
Vice President, Operations

Expertise: Corporate Business Development, Capital Markets, Equity Trading & Sales. 20 years experience.

Pete Clarke
Senior Director

Expertise: Investments, Capital Markets, Financial Technology/Analysis. 20 years experience.

Anthony Conroy
Managing Director

Expertise: Business Development, Sales, Consultant Relations, Financial Analysis. 13 years experience.

Michael C. Del Priore

Expertise: Corporate Business Development, Capital Markets, Equity Trading & Sales. 25 years experience.

Jason Hardzewicz
Senior Director

Expertise: Global Capital Markets. 32 years experience.

Alex Mainero
Managing Director

Expertise: Equity Trading & Sales, Corporate Business Development, Capital Markets. 25 years experience.

James McDevitt
Head of Equities Sales & Trading, Capital Markets

Expertise: Equity Trading. 15 years experience.

Sang Nguyen, Ph.D.
Vice President

Expertise: Investments, Brokerage, Marketing, Pensions, Financial Management. 25+ years experience.

Dean J. Niedospial
Senior Director

Expertise: Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Strategic Planning and Asset Management. 45+ years experience.

Thomas O’Neill
Senior Managing Director

Expertise: Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Strategic Planning and Asset Management. 40+ years experience.

Joseph Oricoli
Senior Managing Director

Expertise: Taxable Fixed Income Investments, ABS & MBS Derivatives & Exotics & Electronic Platform Development. 20 years experience.

Joe Pecoraro
Senior Director

Expertise: Equity Sales & Trading. 25+ years experience.

Edward Reid
Senior Director

Expertise: Equity & Debt Capital Markets, Corporate Development. 20 years experience.

Tim Sanchez
Managing Director