Joe Pecoraro

Senior Director
Expertise: Taxable Fixed Income Investments, ABS & MBS Derivatives & Exotics and Electronic Platform Development
Experience: 20 years
Phone: 646-921-4865

Joe Pecoraro

Joe Pecoraro is a proven business builder. In a career that extends over 30 years, Mr. Pecoraro has built, grown, and commercialized numerous businesses across a variety of industries. His entrepreneurial bent, combined with a no-nonsense approach, has proved to be a valuable skill set. He has connected the dots between business relationships and companies with mission overlap to create valuable partnerships and standalone companies alike. He has worked in corporate, startup, and consultancy positions.

Immediately prior to joining Roberts and Ryan, Mr. Pecoraro, in partnership with First Data, grew a successful credit card processing sales organization, Belle Island Gateway. With a focus on the nonprofit sector, Belle processes over $250mm in credit card transactions annually. He drove growth by developing a tightly integrated partnership with Charity Engine, a software provider servicing charitable organizations.

Previously, Mr. Pecoraro was the Chief Operating Officer of Constellations Group (CG). CG advised corporations, foundations, and high net worth individuals on strategic business and partnership development opportunities. In addition to being responsible for CG’s operations, Mr. Pecoraro consulted directly with clients spawning numerous partnerships. He brought the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) and UCLA’s Operation Mend together and provided the framework for what became the Warrior Care Network (WCN), a first-of-its-kind medical network connecting wounded veterans with world-class individualized mental health care. A total of $100mm was committed by the WWP and other partners. WCN continues to serve our veterans today with the support of the WWP.

At Creditex, an interdealer broker, Mr. Pecoraro combined his software building skills and knowledge of the subprime asset backed market to create the first electronic trading platform for asset backed credit default swaps onboarding Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citibank as well as other major Wall Street broker dealers. Creditex was sold to Intercontinental Exchange Inc. in 2008.

Under the supervision of Ariane Capital Partners, Mr. Pecoraro used his business building and networking skills along with his financial products knowledge to develop a private placement business for alternative investments. He raised more than $1 billion for various investment vehicles – private equity, real estate, and hedge funds for Guggenheim Advisors, Grove International Investors, and Palladium Partners.

In late 2002, Mr. Pecoraro founded eSourcing SaaS provider, Archimedian Software. Archimedian was an opportunity for Mr. Pecoraro to take lessons learned from leading MaterialNet, his first eSourcing company, and apply them to a blank canvas. Archimedian quickly provided eSourcing solutions to 20 Fortune 1000 companies. Mr. Pecoraro was named to Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine’s “Pros to know” in 2005 & 2006.

Prior to Archimedian, Mr. Pecoraro transformed MaterialNet from an industrial metal marketplace into an e-Sourcing SaaS provider. Within 18 months of being elevated from VP of Business Development to the Chief Operating Officer, he developed a new software solution taking it from ideation to execution. He retooled the marketing strategy and changed the revenue model. He led the sales team to quick victories in the Fortune 1000 securing sales with Starbucks, Bechtel, Eli Lilly and America West Airlines amongst others. MaterialNet was sold to Perfect Commerce in 2002.

Mr. Pecoraro, co-founded SLC Consulting in partnership with the Sichuan Provincial Government of China. SLC advised on the privatization of state-owned enterprises. He led a project, in partnership with LSI Logic, transitioning a manufacturing plant from TV’s to DVD’s. SLC was sold to its Chinese partners in 2000.

Mr. Pecoraro began his career in taxable fixed income sales at Prudential Securities in 1989. He built a book of business finding underserved niches in the subprime asset backed market. He worked closely with Prudential’s asset backed banking group, instituting advanced hedging strategies for the firm’s issuers. Additionally, he spearheaded sales in esoteric subprime mortgage derivatives unlocking further value for both the issuers and Prudential alike.

Education and Service
Joe Pecoraro attended Chaminade High School. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Georgetown University and an MBA from Columbia University. He currently resides in East Norwalk, Connecticut.