Kevin McGowan

Finance & Accounting
Expertise: Finance & Accounting
Experience: 35+ years
Phone: 410-703-7997

Kevin McGowan, Chief Financial Officer of Roberts and Ryan Investments

Kevin McGowan leads Finance & Accounting for Roberts & Ryan, Inc. Mr. McGowan has more than 35 years of experience, focused primarily on finance and accounting.

Mr. McGowan is the current owner of Kevin McGowan CPA Consulting Services, providing tax, accounting, regulatory, and financial advisory services to individuals and businesses. Before that, Mr. McGowan was part of the senior leadership team of Pepco Holdings, Inc., a subsidiary of Exelon, and led several key regulatory and financial groups for more than 23 years. These groups included state and federal regulatory and policy, treasury, corporate risk management, corporate strategy, and financial planning and budgeting. Mr. McGowan was also the Chief Financial Officer of Potomac Capital Investment, a subsidiary of Pepco Holdings, that managed a $1.4 billion diversified investment portfolio of operating companies, leases, securities, real estate, venture capital funds, and financial investments located in North America, Europe, and Australia. Prior to Pepco Holdings, Mr. McGowan was the Director of Finance, Treasury & Tax at Duty Free International, an international retail company, and a Tax Manager at Ernst & Young.

Mr. McGowan is a Licensed Certified Public Accountant.

Education and Service
Kevin McGowan earned a BBA in Accounting and Business Data Systems from The University of Texas at San Antonio and an MBA in Finance and Economics from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.